10 best companies to help you implement Marketing Automation
It might seem difficult and overwhelming to seize the whole potential of Marketing Automation on one’s own. Some marketers just don’t have time to explore all system’s possibilities and limit themselves to a couple of features instead of discovering new options. Often a fear of implementing new solutions and changes it entails deters marketers from using Marketing Automation at all, even if they know how much do they lose.
If you find yourself in one of these situations, we prepared for you a list of 9 best companies providing real support in implementing Marketing Automation worldwide: both technical and creative, complex and specialist.

Gemius, a research-consulting company, integrates knowledge on consumers from various sources (e.g. web analytics, internet campaign measurement, CRM, transactional data, data from loyalty programs) and analyzes it to provide valuable information. Basing on that, it helps companies define and implement advanced automation rules to improve efficiency of their marketing actions. If you feel lack of solid knowledge to shape your enterprise or answers to vital business questions, Gemius will find them, and show how to include marketing automation into complex strategy of brand development.

a Lisbon-based consulting agency that will help you develop and implement complex sales and marketing strategy. Their services cover a wide array of solutions, from the basis creating Buyer Persona, to sophisticated Big Data solutions. You could also use their coaching services to gain a new perspective on your enterprise. Datatekin team will support you in big changes, thanks to combining deep technological knowledge and experience with vision and deep understanding of consumer psychology.

GB Interactive
German interactive agency, offering numerous digital marketing solutions, from web design to SEM to video creation. With their assistance you will develop a cohesive marketing strategy, involving automated social media actions, email campaigns, and landing pages. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of the three Marketing Automation suites: basic, medium advanced and complete. It allows even small businesses to benefit from multi-channel marketing automation.

Lead Builders
Netherlands-based agency focuses on Lead Generation process, using the synergy of digital marketing and telemarketing. An excellent choice for all B2B companies, wanting to combine various tools to achieve a massive increase in numbers of lead. Lead Builders offer both technological support in implementing Marketing Automation and thorough knowledge on mechanisms of customer – brand relationship.

Spanish online marketing agency, founded in 1997, experienced in solutions for various market sectors. Emred team can create your business online from scratch – namely, from designing your website and applications, to implementing multichannel marketing strategy with use of Marketing Automation, with its most advanced features: dynamic content, NextGen(analytical technology for monitoring not only what contact clicks, but what s/he actually sees) and Anonymous Marketing Automation.

Portugese consulting agency empowering companies to develop better e-stores. Waterstone team will provide you with best e-commerce tools, helping you create architecture of your store, as well as numerous solutions improving e-commerce’s performance, such as mailing and applications, using the power of Marketing Automation.

Communication agency from Czech Republic (experienced in international projects). They look for creative strategic solutions, combining originality with deep technological knowledge and focus on efficiency. They specialize in B2B complex communication, including branding, PR (and e￾PR), content creation and multi-channel digital marketing, as well as consulting.

Sales Strategy Consulting is consulting agency focused on sales optimization, offering workshops, training, and management outsourcing. Thanks to educating your team, including teaching them secrets of successful Marketing Automation, you will see a substantial increase in your sales.

Spanish agency helping you establish a deep relationship with your customers using multichannel digital marketing. Their solutions include e￾mail 2.0 (personalized and dynamic), building customer loyalty and social wi-fi. Yaapas will inspire you to use social media and e-mail to strengthen bonds with your customers using multichannel digital marketing. Their solutions include e-mail 2.0 (personalized and dynamic), building customer loyalty and social wi-fi. Yaapas will inspire you to use social media and e￾mail to strengthen bonds with your clients.
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