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Company expansion to several countries (1-3)
With possible attraction up to 10 million customers
With the time term of 2 months
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Company expansion to several countries (4-25)
With possible attraction up to 490 million customers
With the time term of 4 months
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Company expansion to several countries (26-193)
With possible attraction up to 3,3 billion customers
With the time term of 6 months
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  • до 14 months
    Up selling period
  • 200%
    Sales growth
  • 10%
    Reduction of costs
  • Recommendations for orders increasing by 2 times
  • Specific program to achieve the desired results within the given timeframe
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your competitor
Web-Site development
Development of modern websites, online shops and internet sites, complying with the modern advanced technologies
Mobile applications
Development of unique mobile applications and IT-programs that help improve business of the company and working relationship with clients
Designing user interfaces for web sites or/and web applications, including development of the Doodle videos
Web-site analysis
Analysis of site traffic, and site use (usability of site, analysis of the density of clicks, survey of the site online marketing - analysis of conversion paths of visitors through the site), analysis of visitor behavior during visiting the page, benchmarking (comparison with general trends and with competitors)
Market analytics
The collection and analysis of market information, and consumers, and competitors information in different time frames, using also geographical and social breakdowns
Competitor intelligence
Deliberate gathering of information about competitors in order to make management decisions for the future strategy and tactics of the business
Search Engine Optimization
Multitask service of search engine optimization and promotion analytics, whose main objective — increase attendance from search engines
SMM (Social Media Manipulation)
Attracting attention and internet traffic to your brand or/and product ads through social platforms
Mass emailing
Personalized mass emailing to unlimited number of addresses with analysis and html-layout support
Customer reputation development
Development and protection of reputation on forums, websites, search engines and media, using modern PR-technologies
Media-context advertising
Media-contextual advertising, using rare-known on the market technologies that will save Your advertising budget
Protection from hackers, cyber attacks from competitors (countermeasures, preventive measures), countering industrial espionage (employees). It includes network security,application security, internet security, security of information critical structures. Ensuring of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data